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Amsterdam High Jinks: Glossary of Expressions and Terms

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Putting together the final touches on my forthcoming novel, Thirty Dirty Days Across the Big Pond: Amsterdam High Jinks, I decided to put together a glossary of the Dutch-French-English-Spanish terms and expressions included throughout the story. They read as follows:

    Absoluut - Dutch: absolutely;
    Alsjeblieft - Dutch: please;
    Adieu - French: farewell;
    Adios - Spanish: good-bye;
    Amie - French: friend;
    Anne Frankhuis - Dutch: Anne Frank House;
    Aretha Franklin - American: great singer and musician;
    Arrêter maintenant - French: stop right away;
    Arriba, abajo, al centro, para adentro - Spanish: drinking toast, meaning high, low, center, and inside;
    Attendez vous une minute - French: wait a minute;
    Au revoir - French: good-bye;
    Bebáis Rápidamente - Spanish: drink fast;
    Bedankt - Dutch: thanks;
    Berks - British: fools;
    Bewaker - Dutch: guard;
    Blimey - British: interjection used to express surprise; from God blind me;
    blinkered - British: narrow-minded;
    Bloke - British: fellow;
    Bloody - British: curse word of unknown origin; some believe it's a contraction of by our lady, meaning Mary, mother of God;
    Blooming - British: nice way of saying bloody;
    Bon appétit - French: enjoy your meal;
    Bonk - British: to have sex;
    Bonne nuit, ma belle - French: good night, my beautiful one;
    Bon Sang - French: damned; a light swear word;
    Bon Voyage - French: good journey;
    Buffets Automatique - French: self-serve restaurants;
    Ça alors - French: good grief;
    Certainement - French: certainly;
    Ces bâtards - French: those bastards;
    C'est bien - French: That's good;
    C'est correct - French: that's correct;
    C'est très bonne - French: That's very good;
    C'est tres magnifique - French: that's most magnificent;
    Chap - British: see bloke;
    Chivvy Along - British: hurry up;
    Club Rookey - Nightclub in Rembrandtplein;
    Codswallop - British: nonsense;
    Coffeeshop - Dutch: coffee shop;
    Cracking - British: the best;
    Cranking - British: potent;
    Crikey - British: euphemism for Christ;
    Dames - French and Dutch: ladies;
    Dank U Wel - Dutch: thank you, very much;
    De rien - French: it's nothing; you're welcome;
    Derrière - French: butt;
    Dope - British: cool; fabulous; good deal;
    Eet smakelijk - Dutch: enjoy your meal;
    Eikel - Dutch: dickhead;
    Elephant - Blend of pot found in the coffee shops;
    Enchanté - French: enchanted;
    Escanciador - Spanish: one who pours cider;
    Excusez-moi - French: excuse me;
    Fantastique - French: fantastic;
    Fantastisch - Dutch: fantastic;
    Fen jiu - Chinese: white spirit, very potent alcohol; considered as China's first white wine;
    Fooking - British: euphemism for fucking (less vulgar);
    Full Monty - British: the whole thing;
    Geen probleem - Dutch: no problem;
    Gefeliciteerd - Dutch: congratulations;
    Gezelligheid - Dutch: cozy;
    Goedemorgen - Dutch: good morning;
    Goedenavond - Dutch: good evening;
    Goedenacht - Dutch: good night;
    Goede Reis - Dutch: good trip;
    Goed Zo -Dutch: good going;
    Graag Gedaan - Dutch: you're welcome;
    Gracias, Señorita - Spanish: Thank you, Miss;
    Hallo - Dutch: hello;
    Hardstyle - European: genre of bizarre, abrasive, electronic dance music, popular with the youths;
    Heb je lekker gegeten? - Dutch: Did you enjoy your meal?
    Held at Her Majesty's Pleasure - British: locked up indefinitely;
    Herengracht - Canal north of Keizersgracht in the ring around the city; named after the heren regeeders, city governors during the 16th and 17th centuries;
    Het Achterhuis - Dutch: name of the first edition of Anne Frank's Diary; literally, the back house;
    Ik heb een reservering voor twee personen in twintig honderd uur - Dutch: I have a reservation for two persons at twenty hundred hours;
    It's Potty - British: it's strange; wild; crazy;
    Ja - Dutch: yes;
    Jack Herer - Blend of pot found in the coffee shops;
    Jamaican - Blend of pot found in the coffee shops;
    Je comprends ça, - French: I understant that;
    Je ne veux pas me lever pour l'école d'aujourd'hui. Dix minutes de plus, Mama, s'il vous plait. - French: I don't want to get up for school today. Ten more minutes, Mama;
    Je t'aime beaucoup - French: I love you very much;
    Juffrouw - Dutch: Miss;
    Juicy Fruit - Blend of pot found in the coffee shops;
    Ka - Blend of pot found in the coffee shops;
    Kalverstraat - Exclusive shopping street near the Royal Palace and Munttoren;
    Keizersgracht - Dutch: Emperor's Canal; canal north of Prinsegracht in the ring around the capitol;
    Kerstmis - Dutch: Christmas;
    Kleine moeite - Dutch: no problem;
    Klootzak - Dutch: ball sack;
    Knackered - British: exhausted;
    Knickers - British: underwear;
    Knock Up - British: wake up;
    La truffe noire du Périgord - French: black truffle from Périgord;
    Liedsedwarsstraat - Street on which Skylar's Smoke Emporium resided;
    Ma chére - French: my dear;
    Mademoiselles - French: young women;
    Magic Mushrooms - Psilocybin mushrooms
    Magnifique - French: magnificent;
    Mais Oui - French: why, yes;
    Maudit - French: damn it;
    ménage à trois - French: sexual threesome;
    Meneer, - Dutch: mister;
    Menus in het Engels alstublieft - Dutch: menus in English, please;
    Merci Beaucoup - French: thanks, very much;
    Merde - French: crap; shit (vulgar);
    Mes plus belles filles - French: my very beautiful girls;
    Mevrouw - Dutch: madam or Mrs.
    Mijnheer - Dutch: mister;
    mijn lieve - Dutch: my dear;
    Mijn naam is Mike - Dutch: My name is Mike;
    Misty - Blend of pot found in the coffee shops;
    Moctezuma II (aka Montezuma) - Early-sixteenth century Aztecan chieftain;
    Moi aussi - French: me too;
    Mon Dieu, - French: my God;
    Monsieur - French: mister;
    Muntplein - Plaza at Munttoren;
    Munttoren - Clock tower and existing section of Amsterdam's medieval wall.
    Museumplein - Common area or plaza between the various museums in the Museum District;
    Natuurlijk - Dutch: naturally;
    Nieuwe Spiegelgracht - Street heading northeast between Prinsengracht and Herengracht.
    Noël - French: Christmas;
    Noorderstraat - Street on which Peter's Steakhouse was found;
    Northern Light - Blend of marijuana found in coffeeshops; analogous with Aurora Borealis;
    Nosotros traen tres - Spanish: we'll take three;
    Olympisch Stadium - Built for the 1928 Summer Olympics; former home of Amsterdam's football team;
    Orange Bud - Blend of pot found in the coffee shops;
    Oudekerk - Oldest church in Amsterdam; built in the thirteenth century;
    Oudezijds Voorburgwal - Canal forming the western boundary of the Red Light District;
    Oudezijds Achterburgwal - Canal forming the eastern boundary of the Red Light District;
    Ouf - French: phew;
    Oui - French: yes;
    Oui, c'est ça - French: yes, that's it;
    Par avion - French: by plane;
    Par bleu - French: mild oath; for blue literally, most likely in reference to the Mother of God;
    Par la carte de crédit - French: by credit card;
    P.C. Hooftstraat - Exclusive shopping street in the Museum District;
    Peacemaker - Blend of pot found in the coffee shops;
    Peniskop - Dutch: dickhead;
    Peuh - French: pooh; no very good;
    Philosopher's Stones - Psilocybin truffles;
    Politie - Dutch: police;
    Prima - Dutch: fine;
    Prinsengracht - The Prince's Canal; one of the major waterways in the ring around the city;
    Purple Power - Blend of pot found in the coffee shops;
    Rembrandtplein - Plaza in which Club Rookey stood;
    Rijkamuseum - Dutch National Museum in Amsterdam;
    Rolling Stones - English: the best rock-'n'-roll band in the world;
    Rosse Buurt - Dutch: Red Light District;
    Salud - Spanish: salute;
    Sensationele - Dutch: sensational;
    Shiva - Blend of pot found in the coffee shops;
    S'il vous plait - French: if you please;
    Si, por favor - Spanish: yes, please;
    Singel - Innermost canal within the ring around the city; originally was a mote that surrounded Medieval Amsterdam in the 15th and 16th centuries;
    Singelgracht - Canal directly across the street from the Museum District Hotel;
    Sint Anthonisbreestraat - Original Name of the street on which Rembrandt House Museum sits, now known as Jodenbreestraat;
    Skunk Queen - Blend of pot found in the coffee shops;
    Slap and Tickle - British: old expression meaning hanky-panky; doing the wild thing;
    Space Cake - Pot Brownies
    Spiegelstraat - Street south of Nieuwe Spiegelgracht, north of Weteringschans;
    Stadhouderskade - The boulevard that runs parallel to Singelgracht in the Museum District;
    Stadionplein - Plaza surrounding Olympisch Stadium;
    Stone the Crows - British: same as using blimey;
    Super Weed - Blend of pot found in the coffee shops;
    Swazi - Blend of pot found in the coffee shops;
    Thai - Blend of pot found in the coffee shops;
    THC - The active hallucinogenic ingredient contained in pot, responsible for the buzz;
    Tickety-boo - British: going well with no problems;
    Todo era muy bueno - Spanish: everything was very good;
    Tomatensoep - Dutch: tomato soup;
    Took the Biscuit - British: the epitome of something;
    Tot Ziens - Dutch: see you;
    Tout est fini - French: all is finished;
    Très bien - French: very good;
    une putain - French: a whore;
    Vijzelgracht - Street south of Vijzelstraat;
    Vijzelstraat - Street North of Vijzelgracht; runs north to Muntplein;
    Wacky Backy - British: marijuana;
    Wouah, regardez tous les magasins - French: wow, look at all the stores;
    Wasserette - Dutch: laundromat;
    Waterlooplein - Plaza surrounding City Hall; near Rembrandt House Museum;
    Wat is de soep van de dag? - Dutch: what is the soup of the day?
    Wat wil je eten? - Dutch: what do you want to eat?
    Welterusten - Dutch: good night;
    Westerkerk - Church near the Anne Frank House;
    White Widow - Blend of pot found in the coffee shops;
    Wunderbar - German: wonderful;
    Zeer goed, volg mij - Dutch: Very good, follow me;
    Zeker - Dutch: sure;
    Zoete dromen - Dutch: sweet dreams;
    Zut - French: damn it;

Now I need to include this into the manuscript for the final edit. This pretty much sums up all the foreign expressions and pertinent terms. This list can be used as a crash course for a European traveler's vocabulary. What do you think: seem interesting?
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