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Id, Ego and Super Ego, three primary elements of one's psyche, fall into play, everyday; it's the cerebral way: the inner workings of the Freudian mind. But sometimes, someone or thing knocks a pretentious body off their highfalutin pedestal now and then, to make things feel real again.

When the stinging letdown or personal dilemma hits the bloody fan, bringing a sensitive individual down a notch or two—perhaps even three—succinctly pertinent idioms seem to ease the abrasion to one's fragile ego or deeply emotional-control center.

"Well that just took the wind out of my sails," is a nice way of putting it; or "Raining on my parade."

"Popped my bubble," and "Added insult to injury," can be a couple more.

Euphemisms, or unoffensive sayings about an otherwise dreadful occurrence, are a tremendous psychological tool to lessen a tragic "blow to the chin." Calling your adversary, "A few sandwiches short of a picnic," is a good way to lash back, diminishing his or her credibility, thus minimizing the amount of crow to be ingested.

Expanding this theoretical thought, I've decided for this entry to list the more outstanding clichés about having "bitten the dust," found by my extensive research on Yahoo while noting the majority of the witty comments had to do with either death, bodily functions or excrement.

Of the three aforementioned topics, death—although not usually an enjoyable subject upon which to expound—was discovered to be the most tolerable and humorous in its phrasing. Expressions about a "bottom blast, breaking wind and buttock bassoon"; or "building a dookie castle and barbarians at the gate" are somewhat rude and crude after the first few for formal writing. Since I have the itching for scribing about the macabre, death be it a stranger for some time longer:

    Kicked the Bucket (most common one)

    Counting Worms

    Assumed Room Temperature

    Got Stamped Return to Sender

    Wandering the Elysian Fields

    Baste the Formaldehyde Turkey

    Crossed over the River Styx

    Danced His Last Dance

    Decided That Hell’s Got A Better HR Policy Than The Office

    Eating Dandelions By the Roots

    Fallen off the Perch

    Wrote His Final Chapter

    Gone to the Last Roundup

    Turned His Face to the Wall

    Immortally Challenged

    In the Bone Yard

    In the Horizontal Phone Booth (don't see many of them anymore)

    Shuffle Off to Buffalo

    Six Feet Under (second most common one)

    Kicked the Oxygen Habit

    Put on the Wooden Overcoat

    Living in Procrastinator's Paradise

    On a Permanent Vacation

    Bought the Farm

    Popped his clogs


    The Final Edit

    Extremely Passive Voice

    Fettucine Al Dead-o

    Donating the Liver Pate

    Promoted to Subterranean Truffle Inspector

    In Zombie Land

    Termination Station,

    Stairway to Heaven or Hell

    Reformatted by God

    Hotel California

I'm sure this list could go on ad infinitum. This is not meant to offend anyone. Add some if you know others, and thanks for your continued support.
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