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Nefarious, Frigging Spam Bots!

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Due to a recent onslaught of unwanted spam from despicable bots who have gotten infinitely smarter evidently and are able to weasel past Captcha, I've disabled anonymous postings regretfully until further notice.

Who clicks on their iniquitous spam in blog comments anyway? I hate anything that's shoved down my throat. These blasted idiots have been a sharp thorn in my side for years, since my last Web site and photo-post before it imploded. Their illicit bull crap forced me back then to close my photography forums to the general public. So now it happens here. Those bastids—pardon my euphemism—will probably join LiveJournal next, Twitter, Facebook, Open ID or Google with a false address just to torment me savagely with their never-ending, ignorant advertisements mixed in with unintelligible mumbo-jumbo. Sure I can block their usernames, but the nasty nits will falsify another phony account and come back immediately like measly cockroaches after my having completely fumigated the bloody house with a dozen bug bombs. I tried to block their ISPs, but they just forge them anyhow. Capticha worked for a while. I can't figure out how the unsavory bots got through something I, as a mortal, have trouble with deciphering all those crazy, distorted characters; appearing preposterously disfigured and wavy as if I had dropped a hit of acid and was peaking; unless it's the master spammer himself: a terribly ugly, horrifying humanoid who has taken it upon himself to drive me totally bonkers. Do I sound like I'm thoroughly raving or severely paranoid?

For the glorious time being, however, since I've disable anonymous posting, it's been such a wonderful blessing not receiving any unwanted chatter from these intimidating arse-holes! Thanks for your kind consideration, and I hope you will continue commenting using your social-media handles. Consider this my almost-weekly, mini-tirade.

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