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In discussing the meaning of tirade with a dear friend, whine came to mind, as in "Do you want some cheese with your whine?" Although, a tirade—which is heavily testosterone-laden—is more emotionally exasperating than a whine; the former is closer to a bitter rant while the latter to a pungent rave.

Etymology has always been one of my favorite subjects. Incorrect usage of the language has been perpetually a personal pet peeve, and horribly more so since I wholeheartedly began participating in our beloved social media, specifically Twitter; but the rest of them, too many to mention here, are mostly guilty of abusing the same words, phrases, expressions or grammatical atrocities: thus spawning today's tirade.

Texting is worst of all, destroying how our youth and many of our peers utilize the language while inputting incessant gobbledygook into their infernal cell phones, smartphones, tablets or computers; but that is an entirely different tirade altogether. The following diatribe deals with the most overused words, phrases, acronyms and expressions found on Twitter that has totally gotten my forever-loving goat:

     1. Awesome
     2. Amazing
     3. Check out
     4. Page-turner
     5. Must-read
     6. I
     7. Me
     8. My
     9. . . . gave (someone) +K (or +Kred) about (whatever); and who really gives
        a flying burrito?
     10. Best-selling
     11. Read My Blog
     12. Re-tweet if (fill in the rest)
     13. Awkward moment
     14. Like my Facebook page
     15. Superb
     16. Mind-blowing
     17. Must-see
     18. Awesomeness
     19. Official
     20. Step up to the plate
     21. Honestly,
     22. Best ever!
     23. Each and every one
     24. Sammich (not a word but overused)
     25. Guru
     26. Expert
     27. Free
     28. Extremely
     29. Impressive
     30. Follow me
     31. Like me
     32. Wow
     33. OMG
     34. Lol
     35. IMHO
     36. Cool
     37. YOLO
     38. Award-winning
     39. Etc.

I'm sure more illustrious terminology will be added to this lengthy list as my remaining time on this sweet earth slowly expires; my emphasis is placed on the word "slow," hopefully indeed. You might know of some other abhorrent idioms I have missed. Please leave them in the comment section.

Emoticons are another modern-day, idiomatic abuse that has brutally overtaken and slaughtered our written word. I find it hard not to use them, wanting on occasion to place the little devils in formal writing :) But, they too are severely overused, IMHO; especially the winking one: ;) . . . , which if placed after a blatant insult makes everything OK. See you at the next tirade :)~

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