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Today's Tirade: The Twitter Conundrum

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Please don't take it personally if I won't follow you on Twitter. It's not that I don't want to return the favor of your following me, but it's from my having reviewed your time-line and seeing re-tweets of everything sent to you, or a plethora of placing your own tweeted responses to said tweets, ahead of the original sender's user name; so all of your miscellaneous prattle would show up on my tempestuous time-line. From my experiences, I've discovered only a limited amount of tweets are displayed on one's home page at once. On a busy day, only those being followed who posted from within the last two hours appear—sometimes just from the past hour—depending on the traffic. If you re-tweet all of your time-line to mine, that doesn't leave much room for the others to filter through. Please at least put your thank-yous and repetitious “huzzahs” after the original sender's nickname on your return tweets.

I also don't really give a toad's bottom about whom to which you gave +K , from whom you received +K, or anything else Klout-worthy. If I only see your self-absorption, total self-promotion or gratification thereof, hour after hour, without sharing anything otherwise significant, thanks, but no thanks; I would just as soon do without your drivel. This also refers to those politically motivated individuals who constantly spew hate and demeaning comments about their preferential party's opposition, or unwavering political diatribes. Chill out, wont you? The elections are over, but as a nauseating, self-proclaimed pseudo-pundit, you'll most likely find someone else or something supplemental for which to be a malodorous, malevolent monger. To me, religion and politics are a private matter to be reconciled within one's own mind and heart, free from extraneous mandates from beguiling jeremiads.

Cheers, I appreciate your reading my tirade and understanding my point of view, hoping this won't offend any of my loyal followers. You are a blessing to me, and I am most grateful for your continuing our “Twittership.” (End of rant).


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Nov. 5th, 2012 01:24 am (UTC)
Maybe you should lighten up a bit. Twitter shouldn't be taken so seriously.
Nov. 5th, 2012 07:46 am (UTC)
What, me take Twitter seriously?
I certainly do and similar to what I have said in the past, most likely to you, "My timeline, my friends, my right to be serious. Who are you anyway? It would be nice to see an avatar and a name alongside of your comments.
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