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Today's Tirade

One of my pet peeves is dealing with people who insist on unnecessarily using their infernal cell phones while standing in line at retail outlets, talking about nothing of importance or relevance for blabbing in the first place.

Even worse yet, if the blowhards were gabbing when they entered the store, speaking so loudly I could hear them rambling on about nothing of urgency throughout the entire marketplace, while they spoke several decibels higher than one would in a normal conversation; and with the windbags then settling in line next to me, still jabbering away about how nothing much was up; but they were just buying bread and milk and considered purchasing Tootsie Rolls, I was brought to the brink of telling them, “Shut the fuck up already,” and qualifying it with, “Next time, finish your frigging conversation outside, or in the damned car before walking in.”

Of course, I never had the balls to do it; but one of these days, it was going to slip out. Chantal told me I needed to calm down and stop taking things so seriously. She said my face had turned red, and I could feel my blood pressure had risen a few notches.
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