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Today's Tirade: Captcha

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In my photography galleries, Art Share, which had always allowed posting comments by anyone about the various photos being displayed, I had to switch off that capability, and only allow it by registered users to eliminate the messages from "spam bots." Unfortunately for me, I need to upgrade some programs on my server to implement Captcha, those crazy, unreadable letters and numbers one is asked to type in before posting a comment on someone's blog or Website, ensuring the poster is "human." The purpose is to prevent those unwanted, nasty little spam nits from being able to spread their useless garble. I'm sure you've seen the result of spammer bots in action, evident at various locations that allow unregistered comments: words bunched together in sentences, making no sense at all; yet a URL is presented hawking Viagra.

Why is it, I'm never able to make out those crazy, warped characters and end up having to refresh the set of them many times over before finally being able to post my comment? Take for instance, today. I went to a twitter friend's blog to read his latest entry about Memorial Day, at http://gen22y.blogspot.com/, which had a powerful message. Upon attempting to voice my recognition of a post well said, I was presented the following Captcha with which to confirm my mortality:

I could read the first term, but the second one made no sense, so I typed what's seen above, clicked, and was told, "Sorry, no cigar. Try again." Meanwhile, I had lost all of my comment typed previously, presumably sent to Internet Limbo, where all lost characters seemed to end. After starting over. This is what confronted me:

Yikes, this one was worse than the first. I quickly refreshed the display and got:

Dagnabbit, by now my blood was beginning to boil and my hands were starting to shake. Click goes the mouse again on that blasted refresh button, only to get this:

Steam was bellowing from my ears, nostrils, and mouth. The sound of a blasting ship's whistle went off in my head as I relentlessly regenerated the codes until I was able to read it:

Aha, that one worked. If at first you don't succeed, pound the hell out of your mouse until you do! All kidding aside, click on Gene's link up in the second paragraph of this tirade. His message was a strong one, denoting where our priorities should mainly be during the upcoming holiday weekend. Cheers, all.
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