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Less than 4 days to go!

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At the beginning of this past millennium, people were held captive by the Holy See, banished and done away with for utterances of blaspheme. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

The Plague wiped out half of the world's population. Monks scribed the law of the land. Anglo Saxons battled the barbaric Germanic tribes.

The Millennium grew older. Enlightenment...gave birth to The Renaissance. Religious freedom ensued. Art flourished and music sang of an entirely different light.

Democracy...not a new idea; the Greeks and the Romans had it down pat. So they thought. Personal enlightenment and freedom was the essence of the new order. Intellectual thought spawned new theories and postulations that are the foundations of our lives today. More has been developed and accomplished by the human spirit in the past 500 years than since God created the Earth (whomever and whenever that may have been).

Wars were fought, land was acquired. Political ideologies terrorized the peasants. The people fought back. New nations were established. Implements of destruction became more sophisticated. Mass annihilation was and is a push button away. Conventional warfare ain't so conventional any more.

My sincere wishes for continued peace towards man, woman and child as is so usually expressed during this time of year, to flow into the next millennium. May we channel this new-found energy for the good of mankind, that we may have a legacy to welcome in the 22nd century, Anno Domini (whatever or which ever millennium that may be)!

Peace and Happiness!

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