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Worst Hangover

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A Twitter buddy from England shares a fondness of mine, that being the love of gin. Now mind you, I'm not a lush; but I do favor my occasional bouts with the distilled spirit. He has started a log of sorts on the aforementioned social-networking site: #nothingfucksyouuplikegin. My last entry there was last night, and I've been paying for it all day today, which inspired me to write about the events leading up to probably my worst hangover of all time. However, it was not gin that did me in; but Ouzo was the culprit!

While partying with a sailor friend who had just returned Stateside from a Mediterranean Sea cruise, where he had been working as a boiler man in the bowels of a US Navy destroyer, or a tin can as he lovingly referred to it; we visited some mutual friends and went house-to-house with his smuggled bottles of Ouzo, originating from some island off the coast of Greece. At each abode, we all had to have a few shots of his treasured booty allegedly made with an opium base; so I was led to believe. From my research done on the aperitif, I found no mention of opium in the distilling process. Perhaps, some pirated bottles were made using absinthe, the extremely potent substance utilized to produce the precursor of the spirit, instead of the presently substituted anise. If that were the case with my friend's stash, it would explain my having woken up on the following morning atop a throw rug in unfamiliar surroundings. Someone was good enough to cover me with a blanket and put a pillow under my aching head.

I couldn't remember anything between the third or fourth residence where we stopped and drank shots, until I awoke on the floor with a black eye. My head was pounding like it was the inside a church bell on Sunday morning. My hostess told me I had smacked my eye on the corner pocket of the pool table, when falling upon it after stumbling down the stairs into their recreation room. She made sure I was still breathing with no obvious blood externally flowing after the fall, and covered me up while leaving me unconscious for the remainder of the night.

One of my profound lessons learned in life is to stay away from anise, which also includes Sambuca, Pastis, or anything else containing aniseed and licorice root; albeit, I've revisited them all on a blue moon. So, tonight, I'm drinking green tea to take care of any derelict oxidants, and coffee for keeping me motivated, yet almost grabbing the hair of the dog, but swearing off gin until the next bout; for as my friend has instigated: #nothingfucksyouuplikegin!


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Mar. 27th, 2012 01:21 am (UTC)
Been there, done that, and did it again; but not so much anymore.
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